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Lecture on How to Write Academic Thesis

Date:2014-03-17 15:12:02

On 15th Mar, SDIBCheld a meeting for students to get familiar with faculty of business school andthen a lecture on thesis writing at room 402.This lecture was targeted atintake 2012IMBA/EMBA students, who were about to finish their courses and faceanother challenge, that’s preparing graduation thesis and thesis defense. Forthose students, it's of great significance as it accounts for a quarteracademic credits. In order to help students find suitable supervisors, SDIBCparticularly invited faculty representatives to introduce their colleagues fromperspectives of their qualifications & experience and research fields. SinceMSM has a set of specific requirements and standards for graduation thesis, inorder to cast light on students, director of SDIBC, associate professor Fengfanmade clear demonstration of what a normative thesis be like and pointed out mistakesfrequently made, through clarifying ways to avoid such problems.  

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