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Academic Salon held by Sino-Dutch International Business Center & European Union

Date:2014-05-23 17:16:24

On 17th, June 2013, in room 301 ofAnzhong Building Professor Yang Dongtao gave a special lecture with the themeof Development of Leadership.

This lecture was held by Sino-DutchInternational Business Center and Nanjing Office of European Union Chamber of Commercein China. The two parties established close ties this year. SDIBCpaid great attention on this lecture and made one-to-one invitation of alumniengaged in HR, in return, they valued it very much and attended on invitationin spite of the hot weather.

At the lecture themed as Development of Leadership expert of HR& Enterprise Strategy, Professor Yang Dongtao, director of HR department ofNanjing University, doctoral supervisor, made detailed interpretation of seriesof questions as training and developing of leadership.

Professor Yang Dongtao first discussed hercognition of leadership from different perspectives and made special emphasison significance of cultivating leadership for development of enterprises, thencertain ways of developing leadership were introduced. Based on her decades'work experience, Professor Yang did vivid and detailed introduction toapplication of leadership in life and work, and propose unique and novelopinion, encouraging the audience to discuss further and pointed orientation ofdeveloping self-ability. At last, the lecture came to  interactive question and answer section, among which Professor Yangoffered advice like attaching importance to our national conditions, caringemployees, striving for fairness and justice in enterprises, investing highhope in future development of leadership for Chinese enterprises.

Atthe end, Mrs Yu Han, manager of commerce and government affairs of NanjingOffice of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China made closing remarks and expressedsincere gratitude to Professor Yang. As an education platform, Sino-DutchInternational Business Center, which is devoted to fostering senior managerial andadministrative personnel, has expanded activities unceasingly and spreadcutting edge management knowledge to students. The special lectures held by SDIBCnot only offered opportunity for students to communicate with high-leveltalents, but also offered a more broader platform for students to communicatewith excellent  foreign-investedenterprises.