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The last lecture in Singapore

Date:2015-05-04 15:29:32

Myaybe "times flies "is the most appropriate phrase that can express our  feelings. There is only one day left for us to gather with lovely teachers and classmates, to carry out fantastic case studies. Everyone was upset with  prospect of leaving.

Luckily, we still have one day appointmane with Perry, and still have the chance to enjoy his lively and sharp leactures. We finally had our own  seminar room to have multi-party talks.  

Following the guiding principle of "social thoughts, data-driving ", we not only learnt the large knowledge system contained in business model from several cases, but also detected the infinite charm of it.

At the end of the whold day learning, on behalf of the students and Sino-Dutch International Business Center, Prof. Peng Jisheng presented the carefully prepared presents to Perry.

The highlighted ceremony of conferring course completion certificate came at the very end, when we were honored to get a certificate form Perry.

Tomorrow is the last day. After the fast -paced course, we are going to enjoy the beautiful scenery of  Signapore. Hooray!!