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Sino-Dutch International Business Center

The Sino-Dutch International Business Center (SDIBC) is aformal education unit approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education and theState Council Committee for Academic Degrees, and sponsored by the DutchGovernment. The Center is collaboratively set up by of Nanjing University BusinessSchool (NUBS) and Maastricht School of Management.

SDIBC is devoted to promotinginternational MBA and it aims to foster top managerial talents, who can adaptto the increasing global economic integration and engage in internationaleconomic and technological cooperation and competition, so as to promotedevelopment of Chinese social economy, technology and to strengthen connectionwith world economy. With program development, SDIBC is committed to fostering internationalizedmanagerial talents with high sense of social responsibilities.

The faculty of SDIBC iscomposed by professors of NUBS and MSM ., etc. Courses and teaching methods areset in accordance with international criteria. After taking all the courses, passingexaminations, and successfully finishing thesis writing and defense, thecandidates will be awarded with MBA degree and diploma of MSM, of which thedegree has been accredited by AMBA, IACBE, ACBSP, and is either approved byMinistry of Education.