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Introduction to MSM

Maastricht School of Management is located at thehistoric city Maastricht, the  mostsouthern city of the Netherlands, which is the birthplace of the famousEuropean Community (now European Union) treaty. Maastricht is one of theearliest city established on the basis of Roman era, representing the Europeancivilization of yesterday and today. Due to geographical location, three culturesof the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium blend here, making Maastricht aninternational center in its true sense. Ancient architecture and moderncivilization complements each other here, with many famous universities andhigher education institutions located, such as the European Institute of PublicAdministration, the European Development Policy Research and DevelopmentCenter, the United Nations University campuses in Europe, the European research center.

Maastricht School of Management was founded in 1952.Originally, as part of Delft University of Technology, it moved to Maastrichtin 1989, establishing Maastricht School of Management. After 60 years ofdevelopment, it has grown into one of Europe's renowned management schools.Maastricht School of Management is a famous business school in the Netherlands,and either one of the world's truly global business schools. It conductcooperation in more than 20 countries worldwide, committed to international MBAtraining. Its mission lies in enhancing the management level of emergingeconomies and professional managers & institutions in developing countries,vigorously promoting social development. Maastricht School of Management hasbeen accredited by Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs(ACBSP), the British Association of Business Administration (AMBA), theInternational Association of University Business Education (IACBE).

Over half a century, Maastricht School of Management hasbeen enhancing international cooperation through education, technology andacademic research. MSM offers several accredited management degree programs(MBA,GDMBA, EMBA, MSc, DBA, PhD) of a high caliber worldwide. Students have theopportunity to follow our programs either in Maastricht or at one of other 25outreach locations. With more than 2000 students annually graduating in more than20 countries, Maastricht School Of Management is the most internationalBusiness School in the Netherlands, this results in an extensive global network of alumni.

According to internationalization criteria and votes of1,000 deans, among the global 1,000 best business schools, Maastricht School ofManagement got first among the "four palm trees award"(internationally renowned business schools)successively in 2012 and 2013.