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Introduction to Business School

Nanjing UniversityBusiness School(NUBS) can be dated back to the business department of SanjiangNormal School in 1902. During 1952 when most of the Chinese universities wererestructured, the economics and management departments of Nanjing Universitywere merged into other universities. It was not until 1978 and 1986 thatEconomics Department and Management Department were restored into NJU respectively, and then in 1988 the School of International Business wasestablished. In 2000, the school was renamed into Nanjing University Business School(NJUBS). Through many years of development, NJUBS has marked itself withoutstanding achievements in the areas of disciplinary construction, talenttraining, scientific research, social service and internationalexchange.

Sinceits establishment, NUBS has gradually developed a coordinated and multidisciplinary structure. Today, School of Economics consists of four departments: Economics, International Economics and Trade, Financeand Insurance, and Industrial Economics. Similarly, School of Management has five departments: BusinessAdministration, Accounting, Electronic Business, Marketing, and Human ResourceManagement. In addition, NUBS has set up many research institutesincluding the Population Research Institute, the Research Institute of Econometricsand Technological Economics, Research Center for Investment and Finance, theMarketing Research and Consulting Center, the Research Institute of EnterpriseStrategy, the Research and Learning Center for Finance and Accounting ofJiangsu, the Research Center for Real Estate Information, Guan BaihaoInternational Finance Research Institute, the Research Institute ofInternational Economics, Corporate and Security Research Center, and the HumanResource Strategy Research Institute.

NUBS has a faculty team of a high academic level. Talenttraining is a major focus for NUBS. This focus is upon "strengtheningbasics, emphasizing application, developing ability, and enhancing quality".This talent cultivation has made many of our professionals in economics andmanagement well received by enterprises.

With the approval by the Ministry of Education in 1992,NUBS became the first Chinese educational institution to venture abroad. In thesame year, it conducted an MBA program in Singapore. Since then, NUBS has also conducted10 MBA programs in Singapore, fostering more than 200 MBA graduates. It has collaborativelyestablished EMBA and IMBA programs with Maastricht School of Management, CornellUniversity, and University of Missouri to foster internationalized excellentmanagerial talents.

NUBS has long been pursuing its mission of "cultivatingfirs-class talents, producing first-class research results, and providingfirst-class social services." Today's NUBS is a comprehensive businessschool with two disciplines of economics and management, and serves as both aninfluential training base for talents in economics and management, and a centerof academic research. Faculty and students of NUBS are getting united inbuilding a globally first-class and world renowned business school.

On 10th, June, 2013, Nanjing UniversityBusiness School officially received the accreditation of the Association toAdvance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), becoming the eighth businessschool in mainland China to earn this accreditation.